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The History of Our Station

Our Programming

Sorry if this is long winded but we are proud of our programming because it is currently unlike anything else on the planet. Not only do we play many styles of music from various eras, but we've added several features to help avoid the annoying repetition in modern rock radio that ruins the listening experience for the music lover.

  • With over 4,500 songs in our uniquely balanced playlist, on average, our songs are only played twice every three weeks.
  • Most stations focus on one or two genres and some play multiple styles of music like KEGR-LP. But we go a bit further by adding classic Oldies on one end of the spectrum and some of the less aggressive songs by Thrash Metal bands on the other end.
  • Currently 70% of our songs are rips of vinyl records recorded by our staff. We have over 2,500 LPs and almost 4,000 45 rpm records of our own to pull from plus the albums donated or loaned to the station(Thanks again, Marty!). We play some artists and songs that were in regular rotation in their day but you can't even look them up on today's internet jukeboxes.
  • Unless it's when we play two songs in a row by an artist, it will be at least three hours between songs by the same band and most bands will have at least four hours between songs.
  • If you listen to the same four hour period seven days a week you will not hear a song repeated for about a month and a half.
  • If you listen during the same hour of the day, seven days a week, you will not hear the same song again for up to six months. It would be longer but you can put us in the 'get rid of daylight savings' crowd.

Can your favorite radio station do all of that? The only "Yes" answer is if your favorite station happens to be The Kegger.


Our Top Shows

The History of Our Station

Our Programming

Our Classic Country show is on Saturdays and Sundays at 6:00 pm Alaska Standard Time (10pm EST)

The 80's Hits show is every Saturday and Sunday nights at 8:00

Our Metal show is on Saturday nights, currently, from 11:00 pm until 2 or 3 . . . sometimes 4:00 am. It kind of depends if one of us is working late that night

We still have several more styles and eras of music coming, but, this not cheap and we do need some help. Our system requires that shows must have around 40-45 hours worth of music to pull from in order to help keep our rotation balanced and we can only play what we have or have loaned to us. If you have albums or CDs that you would like to donate or loan to KEGR to help us on future shows, our contact information is below.


The History of Our Station

The History of Our Station

The History of Our Station

We heard about the 2013 LPFM application window so we formed our corporation in October of 2013 with the goal of changing radio and applied for the license a month later. After several rounds of elimination, in August of 2014, we were awarded an 18 month Construction Permit. 17 months and two weeks later, we began broadcasting on January 27th 2016.

We initially started with the bulk of our music from the Hard Rock era, 1977-1982, but we didn't just play Hard Rock. We also sprinkled in some Country, Punk, Disco and Pop from that time period. We played quite a bit from before 1977 and also added some early 80's Heavy Metal and some late 80's Thrash Metal into the mix.

The original rundown was 18 hours of regular rotation from 6 am until Midnight followed by a nightly one hour Thrash Metal show on Monday through Saturday. From 1 until 6 am we played full albums and repeated them every Sunday. We played 29 straight hours of albums in their entirety starting every Sunday from 1 am until 6 am Monday morning.

In July of 2017, Mike stumbled upon, and created, his new balanced rotation system. After months of building up the vinyl rips, we retired our original format and introduce our new rotation to the Matanuska-Susitna Valley in late February 2018. We were proud that 25% of our music was recorded off of vinyl records.

We were planning on launching the streaming website in early June but in May we received word that our lease was not being renewed as our little closet office was being absorbed by a larger unit. Luckily, we found a new office nearby and were only off of the air for less than four months. During that down time we focused on ripping more vinyl records into the computer. We re-launched on October 27th 2018 with our vinyl track total passing the halfway point with 55% of the playlist.

Various setbacks(most of them earthquake related) pushed our streaming launch back until April of 2019. Again, we used the unscheduled down time to bring the count of our vinyl rips up to our now current number of 70% of our playlist.

So we've finally reached the streaming stage of our station and begin our online presence now that we feel that we have a quality internet radio station to offer to listeners. 

On February 1st, 2020, we added three new streaming stations covering 80's Hits, Classic Country and a mostly old school Thrash Metal station with a bit of Power Metal mixed in with some of the faster Heavy Metal and Hard Rock songs in our collections. If we can find enough support, This is just the beginning.

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to expand online and increase your choices of music to stream. Your generous donation will help fund our mission and keep us less dependent on sponsors.  We are a registered non-profit 501(c)3 charity so donations to Rage Inc are tax deductible. 

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If you would like to contribute and mail a donation to 94.1 KEGR-LP please make the check payable to Rage Inc. We also accept vinyl records and CDs as donations. And if you deliver your donation in person, if you like, you can record a voice track or a liner for the station.

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